Do you fear marriage?

When I was about to get married, I had a lot of hesitations. The fear of the unknown almost made me not go through with the wedding. I thought my life is going to be completely different. That I had to give up on a lot of things. That it had to be complicated, just because I’m married, and that I had to carry a really big responsibility.

It’s been 17 months since I got married, and surprisingly, NOT A LOT HAS CHANGED. You might be asking – is that a good thing? Well, YES. Not that it’s boring. We just learned to know each other a little bit more, and we just continue to do what we did in the past, before getting married. That’s when I started letting go of that fear. Let me tell you how.

First, PATIENCE. Remember when you just can’t stay mad at your partner when you were still dating? I must admit, I may not be the most patient person in the world, and I get annoyed very easily. So that’s why I define patience as being able to accept what you can’t change. Once you understand that, then you’re off to a great start in your marriage.

Next, just BE A FRIEND. Being a wife sometimes means just being a friend to your partner. It’s not always romance. You listen to his problems (work, family, etc.) and just be there when he needs you.

Lastly, RESPECT. Once you lose this, you lose everything.

Where’s LOVE, you ask? It’s in all 3. Besides, the reason why you marry someone is love. Don’t fear marriage because you fear change. You don’t really need to change anything. Just continue to keep the friendship, be patient and continuously show respect.