SG Day 5 – Flowers, Gardens and More Flowers

Bittersweet 5th day. It’s our last day and we wanted to make the most out of our trip. So we went to see more of the beauties of Singapore. Our first stop was the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It still amazes me how a very progressive and advanced city can still maintain nature’s reserves.

Just one of the sites in the garden.
This is the garden’s Swan Lake. It has a pair of swans which are said to be imported from Amsterdam.


We wanted to see more greens, so we went to another great attraction in Singapore – The Flower Dome. It is the largest greenhouse in the world. It has a variety of plants and flowers of different colors.

But before I share photos, one of the highlights was us getting lost on our way there. So we took the bus back to the Marina Bay area, however, we got off the wrong bus stop. I guess we didn’t know how to use the map, so we ended up walking 20 minutes (probably more) to finally get to our destination.

I breathed a sigh of relief after I saw this familiar place. Took this photo to show that we finally made it! We’re almost there – The Flower Dome.

Finally, we got to the Flower Dome. Below are just some of the photos we took.

Here’s the hallway to the dome.


My camera could not capture the real beauty of these blossoms.


Last part of our trip was the Cloud Forest. Unfortunately, my feet hurt really bad that I could barely walk. I only took one photo of the waterfall, and had to sit while I wait for my husband to complete the tour. By the way, this place is really cold, so I suggest you wear a sweater.



So that’s that! 5 days is not enough for you to experience everything that Singapore can offer.

I live in a really beautiful country called the Philippines, but I also realized that our country still has a long way to go. I sometimes dream of a more peaceful and systematic Philippines. Pretty soon we’ll get there. I’m positive.

The experience that we both had in Singapore was fun. It was our first out of the country trip as a couple, and we would definitely have more in the future.

I’m looking forward to more adventures, especially with my other half. 🙂

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