You get to a point in your life when you’re at a crossroad. You get a mix of emotions – you’re scared, confused, feeling like you don’t have a map to guide you in your story called life. But you have to take one route. The path that you decide to choose will define how you live the rest of your days.

For whatever road you choose, there’s always that other street that you didn’t decide to take. The life unlived. You sometimes wonder how your life could have been if you chose that route.

I think a lot of people, at some point in their lives, made choices in the past and still wonder, “Did I make the right decision?”.

But those are all elements of the past. Whatever route you take, you either succeed or fail, but you learn. The road you took and the results of that journey were meant to happen for a reason. Perhaps to make you learn a good lesson, or just ultimately make you better.

Being a young adult, there were major decisions I had to make. One of the things I learned was to consider two things before moving forward, especially when you seem to be stuck at a crossroad. “Are you acting on impulse?” or “Are you considering the consequences and looking forward as to how it will impact your life and others?”

This is what ideally happens in a life of an adult. You have a choice of abandoning and turning your back on one path. But whenever you do, constantly consider the possible effect.

There are some roads not taken that would constantly leave you wondering. But some questions just have to go unanswered so you won’t have to hold on to the idea of “what could have been”. That’s what makes life complicated, yet also very interesting.