Valentine Gift Shopping

It’s always an exciting time, especially for new couples, to start shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone.

For more “tenured” couples, however, it’s a little bit more challenging, especially if you’re on your 8th year, for example 😉 You run out of ideas, and you sometimes have to force your partner to tell you what they want for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. No, I would not recommend you do such, but it could get to that situation, believe me.

I’m writing on a weekend before February 14th of 2017, and I’m online, literally googling what husbands want to receive on Valentine’s Day, and they are not very helpful.

For women, it’s usually not that difficult, because men are generally happy to receive anything, on any day. It really doesn’t even need to be Valentine’s Day. February 14th is more of a woman’s day, if you ask me.

After 8 years of gift shopping for the same partner, I have a few tips for the girlfriends and wives when thinking of what to give to the love of your life:

  • Men like gifts that they can use. These can be things that they can use at work, possibly a new outfit, a watch, or even just a new electric shaver.
  • Know their hobbies. Men generally like sports. For those who do, you can choose from a variety of sports apparels that you can practically buy anywhere. Or, know what they have always been wanting to learn. It can be a new skill or activity that they want to start doing. Encourage them and be a supportive partner by getting them a gift that can help them start a new hobby.
  • Travel. This is a good time for you to enjoy each other’s company in another location. It can be a quick getaway trip to a nearby beach, where you can spend quality time, relax and have fun.

Buying your special someone a Valentine’s present is just one way of showing your love and appreciation. You can show love in different ways, just by simply being there and spending time with your partner or family.

Everyday, you can also show tangible demonstrations of love. Simply cooking dinner, writing a love letter, a sweet hug, etc. These don’t always have to come with a price tag.

I hope you get to spend your Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

P.S. Husbands, it wouldn’t hurt to buy your wife flowers, though 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone ❤️