Busy working couple? Read on…

I have been in a relationship (now married) for almost 9 years, as of this writing, to a super busy professional.

During the years we’ve been together, we’ve both been young professionals, trying to build our careers and excel in our separate worlds at work.

To give you an idea, he’s part of the corporate world, while I belong to the lucky group of people (haha!) who work online/remotely.

We’ve realized that living under the same roof doesn’t mean you get to always spend quality time together. And yes, not even on weekends. Don’t even get me started on weekdays.

We both have really busy schedules and allowing yourself to get so caught up at work makes you forget what’s important – relationships and family.

So we decided on one simple, yet very impactful rule. Strictly stop working at 8pm. It’s very straightforward, but it definitely works. 8pm onwards is our time. No laptops, phone calls/text messages.

So that’s basically it! I’ll keep it short. How about you? What’s one quick tip you can share for busy couples out there?