2019 in Retrospect (photoblog)

2019 has been nothing short of amazing! A rollercoaster ride, yes, with many emotional highs and lows, and rapid changes.

Before leaving for Canada, I found the time to look back and sort through my photos from this year and realised that I have to do a review of how my 2019 went and document it to put this year into perspective.

Below are just some of my favourite moments! What a year it was!

New year in Dahilayan with the Fambam. They are the lights of my life!
Simple 35th birthday celebration for this guy 🙂
Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 2.40.59 PM.png
Took and passed my IELTS exam in Jan/Feb with flying colours! #braggadocious! Achieving an overall band score of 8 wasn’t easy you know! LOL
Saw kangaroos for the first time!!! OMG I think this was the ultimate highlight of my 2019. Haha!

Hung out with the sisters in the summer

Spent one of our final times with papa. We miss you terribly!


Visited dad and the family in Manila


Fed PENGUINS!!! Okay, so this ACTUALLY might be the highlight of my year! LOL


Caught up with my former boss in Cebu which was super cool!
Another thing I do in the summer where I just randomly take a photo with an eagle. LOL P.S. I was terrified as hell!

Walked around the city in random summer nights as a way to disconnect from my desk and work

Permed and cut my hair short. Just because.
Mountain resort trip!
Quality time with my two mums who visited me in Cebu right around my birthday
Celebrated papa’s life in Bohol (July)

These two visiting us in Cebu 🙂 #RachoDoubleDate

Another double date in Malapascua. Fun times. In summary with no context – Beach, sunburn, trek, adventure, food, alcohol, yoga, jellyfish sting and getting sold on Oakley flip flops!


Bumped into a good friend from college, Ian, in one of my weekend visits in CDO.


Celebrated my uncle for getting his Juris Doctor degree


Finally got to spend time with one of my best friends from high school