The 6ix

Ontario has started to reopen. The province has just moved to Step 2 of its 3-step reopening plan and people are just very excited to be out and about! A good percentage of the population in the province has been vaccinated and are ready to socialise and enjoy the nice summer weather!

Josef and I went to downtown Toronto, and explored some of the more “tourist-y” spots around the area. We’ll probably be back there again next month for our 7th year wedding anniversary and go to museums next! As of this writing, they’re all still closed but should be open mid-July, so we’re very excited about that, plus the sporting events that will start to happen soon!!!

We went ahead and took videos around the city just to document and have something to look back to and watch later! If you’re curious about the places in the video, I’ve listed them below:

Check out snaps we took while we were there!