Remembering 2022

This is probably going to be an annual thing for me. Writing about the year that was. After 2 years of mostly putting things on hold and going on hiatus because of the pandemic, everyone I know was excited about 2023. The new year, for most, signals an end of one chapter and marks the start of new one – representing a fresh beginning.

The COVID pandemic and its aftermath

This pandemic has continued to impact the world, and 2022 was no exception. Vaccines have become widely available, but the virus continues to spread and mutate. The pandemic has changed our daily lives in many ways, from remote work and online learning to social distancing and mask-wearing. It has also highlighted the importance of healthcare, science, and technology, and has brought people together in new ways as we support one another through this difficult time. For Josef and I, being each other’s support system has definitely helped, along with more frequent video calls with family members back home.

Travel and the adventures of Josef and Mine:

Despite the pandemic, Josef and I were able to travel and experience new things in 2022. We took a few road trips last year to explore new places and meet new people. We also did a lot of camping and hiking, which allowed us to connect with nature and escape the stress of everyday life. We always like to be reminded of the importance of stepping outside of our comfort zone and embracing new experiences, especially being relatively new to this country we now call home 🙂

Sharing a few photos from our trips this year:

Quick trip to the Pinery Provincial Park in February

Went tubing for the first time at River Valley

Spent Easter at Chatham with our friends

Walked around St Thomas

Of course, Josef did so much better!
First time doing dog agility – yeah, I didn’t do very well! 😀

Quick trip to Toronto

Went to Twin Valley Zoo in Brantford with friends

Celebrated my birthday in Alberta. We got to try van-life which was great. It was a lot of fun! Definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

Went to Quebec to be a supportive wife and watch Josef’s basketball tournament. They won 2nd place!

Went to Grand Bend in the summer

Went camping in Tobermory. Lots of hiking and tons of beautiful sights to see

Another camping trip at the Pinery with our tiny Prius 🙂

Watched our first ever hockey game – our city’s local team.

Capped off the year and celebrated Christmas with this one 🙂

2022 has been a year of growth, progress and new experiences. Looking forward to this year being our year, with bigger goals to achieve!