I can…

I can sing I can dance I can write I can swim I can eat vegetables. Just vegetables I can play the guitar I can love I can be funny ūüėä I can forgive I can stand and ride on a penny board I can change views I can share my opinion I can wear […]


You get to a point in your life when you’re at a crossroad. You get a mix of emotions – you’re scared, confused, feeling like you don’t have a¬†map to guide you in your story called life. But you have to take one route. The path that you decide to choose will define how you […]

Going Vegetarian

I feel that it’s about time for me to write about something that I have recently ventured into. A few months ago, April of 2016 to be exact, I decided to be a vegetarian. So, I’d like to start with defining what being a vegetarian is, as a lot of people mistake it for being […]

Fail Fast

The thing with failing is we hate to admit it. There have been a lot of times in the last few months when I experienced failure. From failing to resist¬†bad habits, win¬†basketball bets, and to have my presidential choice¬†win¬†the elections. Sometimes I fail in handling certain situations in my personal life, too. Cliche as it […]

Day 2 – Touchdown Singapore

Our flight from Cebu to SG was late at night, so we arrived early AM at around 1:00. My sister-in-law, along with her husband, picked us up from the airport. Changi Airport was perfect. One of the best airports I’ve seen in my lifetime. We purchased tickets for our planned tour.¬†My first impression of Singaporeans […]