Remembering 2022

This is probably going to be an annual thing for me. Writing about the year that was. After 2 years of mostly putting things on hold and going on hiatus because of the pandemic, everyone I know was excited about 2023. The new year, for most, signals an end of one chapter and marks the … Continue reading Remembering 2022

Dear 2021…

Oh, 2021. What a year you have been for me and Josef. It was mostly great, so thank you! January Because I had the chance to come home to the Philippines in December, you started positive where I spent the new year with my family back home. Fun times, laughter, tons of home videos, birthdays, … Continue reading Dear 2021…

Should you swim with the whale sharks?

I have read multiple articles about discouraging people from supporting the tourist attraction of swimming with the whale sharks. Because of these online articles, I was personally very hesitant to do this when my husband asked me to go try and experience this. We just recently relocated to this new city in Cebu and we are … Continue reading Should you swim with the whale sharks?

Under the Sea – SCUBA Diving Experience

When was the last time that I did something for the first time, you ask? Not very long ago! Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Yes, I did SCUBA diving. I’ve always loved the ocean. The beauty of the living creatures under the sea mesmerizes me. I would say I had a lot of chances to try diving, … Continue reading Under the Sea – SCUBA Diving Experience

SG Day 5 – Flowers, Gardens and More Flowers

Bittersweet 5th day. It's our last day and we wanted to make the most out of our trip. So we went to see more of the beauties of Singapore. Our first stop was the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It still amazes me how a very progressive and advanced city can still maintain nature's reserves.   We … Continue reading SG Day 5 – Flowers, Gardens and More Flowers

Day 3 – The Rachos Conquered USS

Our second day was tiring, but super awesome. On our 3rd day, we wanted more adventure, so we decided to conquer Universal Studios, SG. To get there, you have to ride a train from VivoCity to take you to Sentosa. They call Sentosa the "State of Fun". This is because of all the world-class attractions that … Continue reading Day 3 – The Rachos Conquered USS