Are your employees engaged?

People who have been in different types of work environment have probably experienced various employee engagement approaches. I, for example, have worked in a corporate office – a BPO to be exact – and now part of a growing start-up company. Although it is understandable that both worlds have different cultures, the culture that an organization […]

Virtual Leader

I decided to write about leadership this time. Coming from a leadership retreat/workshop last week allowed me to realize that I have yet to learn a lot about my leadership style, and understand how it should change now that  I work as an online contractor. In the past, I was in a Training and Development leadership role. […]

Challenges of Working from Home

Thinking about working from home? I’d say think again. No – this is a not a blog about dissuading you from telecommuting. This is just me sharing how you can be successful if you choose this path. There are a lot of things that you’d love about working from home. Not waking up early, no need to […]