The power of perseverance

My husband and I moved to Canada without knowing what awaits us. A leap of faith, as what we always call it. We left out families back home, and thought, “we are going to try and live our best life in this new country.” Our eyes lit up when we planned and spoke about it […]

Leap of Faith

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to just get out, let go of the past and just start over. Almost 32 years of existence, I thought of finally just getting out there, and plunge into the unknown world. I am a dreamer. A passionate one. I need constant purpose and intent to […]

First ever vlog!

The husband and I started vlogging just for the fun of it. It’s such a great feeling learning a new skill. He is better than I am now, but I will definitely take credit for some of the ‘artistic’ clips and the directing of the video overall! LOL! So anyway, here’s the very random one […]

Impact of Workplace Culture

I’ve always believed that one key factor in having a motivated and performing workforce is the workplace culture. It is very important that an organization defines the values, vision and mission; and obviously not only simply define them and write them on a piece of document or post it on every wall in your office. […]

Busy working couple? Read on…

I have been in a relationship (now married) for almost 9 years, as of this writing, to a super busy professional. During the years we’ve been together, we’ve both been young professionals, trying to build our careers and excel in our separate worlds at work. To give you an idea, he’s part of the corporate […]

Preparing for your Hong Kong trip

Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations for vacation and shopping for Filipinos. It’s just roughly a 2-hour flight from the Philippines, and with several seat sale options from different airlines, it really won’t cost you a lot in terms of air fare. We went to Hong Kong last year, in August 2016 […]

Valentine Gift Shopping

It’s always an exciting time, especially for new couples, to start shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone. For more “tenured” couples, however, it’s a little bit more challenging, especially if you’re on your 8th year, for example 😉 You run out of ideas, and you sometimes have to force your partner […]

Are your employees engaged?

People who have been in different types of work environment have probably experienced various employee engagement approaches. I, for example, have worked in a corporate office – a BPO to be exact – and now part of a growing start-up company. Although it is understandable that both worlds have different cultures, the culture that an organization […]