Day 4 – We went to see the fishes!

SEA Aquarium is one of the most extraordinary marine world I’ve seen. I was so amazed to see different species of marine animals, a lot I have never seen before. My favorite is the aquarium of ocean predators – the aquarium of sharks. I consider them one of the most fascinating creatures of the ocean. They are feared by most because they are considered to have the most powerful jaws among the animal species. But seeing more than a hundred of them in that aquarium mesmerized me. They are really one of the most beautiful creations of this earth.

The beautiful predators of the sea.


We saw other captivating sites in the SEA Aquarium (see below)

We, along with the others, were fascinated by the Open Ocean.
The Open Ocean as our backdrop.
I wish I had a better camera so I could have captured more of these majestic creatures.


2nd part of Day 4 is our National Museum of Singapore experience. Museums are always number 1 on my checklist whenever I visit a new place. This allows me to understand the culture and get to learn more about the history of the place.

Walking to the National Museum of Singapore.
With my sister-in-law, who picked us up after our tour of the museum.
Our obligatory selfie with the National Museum as our background.


Our last stop was the Fountain of Wealth at SunTec City. In Chinese culture, they say that water is the symbol of life and wealth. It is believed that going around the fountain 3 times, while touching the water, will give you good fortune. So we went ahead and tried it. I guess we got too lucky that the wind blew really hard and got us soaked! It was a funny experience.

I’m expecting to be super lucky this year because we got really soaked by the Fountain of Wealth.


So that’s Day 4.

Last part of this photo blog series is Day 5 – Flowers, Gardens and More Flowers


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