Day 3 – The Rachos Conquered USS

Our second day was tiring, but super awesome. On our 3rd day, we wanted more adventure, so we decided to conquer Universal Studios, SG. To get there, you have to ride a train from VivoCity to take you to Sentosa. They call Sentosa the “State of Fun”. This is because of all the world-class attractions that you can experience there.

First, USS. We didn’t even get to go through all the attractions there. A day is not enough, so I recommend you go there early 🙂

Our mandatory selfie at USS.


We went through several rides. Below are just a few we’ve tried.

Before we got soaked, here’s our photo outside Jurassic Park
We took a photo with Pinocchio before entering the castle from Shrek. Inside the castle, we were entertained by Donkey who had a standup comedy stint for his audience.
We got really hungry so we ate in one of the food stations there. Pretty pricey. Haha!
I promised myself not to try any of the coaster rides. Unfortunately, my husband tricked me into going inside the Mummy building, only to find out that it was one of the scariest rides there. I was literally FORCED to try the roller coaster ride with him.
This is one of my favorites. The 4D effects were AWESOME!!! Felt like I was part of a super cool Transformers movie.


…and we tried a lot more, but we ran out of time. Not to mention that it rained while we were there. But, didn’t matter. We had a great time! We were hoping to still visit the other attractions within Sentosa, but it was late. We had to push it back to the following day.

We met with my in-laws after our USS adventure. They had us experience China Town! The place was crowded, probably because it was Chinese New Year. We had the chance to buy souvenirs for friends and family back home.

China town. Where’s Waldo?

That’s Day 3. My feet were dead tired, but all worth it.

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